Digital 66 is one of the largest Canon and Epson resellers in North America. Additionally, we sell other unique products for the printing, packaging, advertising, and marketing industries such as Impoproof, OKI, and Mock-Up.

This picture may imply you can pull off Route 66 and buy a Canon and Epson printer from us, but it is actually quite a bit easier than that. Download a brochure, then send us an email, or give us a call.


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As one of the largest Canon resellers in North America, Digital 66 sells and services a full range of Canon printers and consumables at competitive pricing. Canon's latest offering, the imagePROGRAF Pro-2000/4000/6000 offer a new and improved print head, ink system and image processing engine to achieve their highest level of image quality and productivity.


Digital 66 is an Epson premier reseller of the SureColor P-Series and T-Series portfolio of printers and consumables. Designed for graphics and photographic applications, the SureColor P-Series of printers incorporates Epson's latest printhead and ink set technology to achieve superior results. The SureColor T-Series produces brilliant colors and precise detail on bond paper, specialty photographic papers, and even posterboards to become one of the most versatile 4-color printers in its class.

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With over 600 installations in North America, the Impoproof automated imposition proofing system is the most popular double-sided proofing solution in the world. Utilizing Canon or Epson T-Series printers, the Impoproof offers unmatched accuracy and reliability with a support staff that is second to none. 


The OKI C931DP and C941DP is a digital envelope press that produces spectacular short-run, on demand color printing jobs. With its High-Capacity envelope feeder and straight-thru print path, these OKI series of printers are some of the most cost effective and versatile printers on the market.


Additionally, the OKI C942dn allows you to print white under CMYK in a single pass to cost effectively print full color on dark media in eye-catching detail.


Mock-Up is a unique substrate certified board that allows you to print 99% of Pantone colors on an Epson or Canon inkjet proofing device that can then be cut and creased for packaging mock-ups. Available in the B-2 size, Mock-Up offers the ability to streamline your packaging proofing process while utilizing your existing equipment. 

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Mutoh has been an industry leader with its ValueJet family of wide format printers, providing the best in class performance in each category. Each printer model is engineered to excel in select markets, yet is versatile enough to outperform the competition in a wide range of popular applications.


Featuring precision craftsmanship based on commitment to quality, you can expect years of use out of your ValueJet printer.